National President, National Association of Heads of Local Government Administration of Nigeria (NAHOLGAN) Dr Mandu Ekpenyong

The National Association of Heads of Local Government Administration of Nigeria (NAHOLGAN) has called on government at all levels to consider including its members in policy-making processes in the country, especially during the reviews of the Scheme of Service.

This was contained in the address   presented by the National President of NAHOLGAN, Dr. Mandu Ekpenyong today Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at Ibom Hall during the opening ceremony of the Maiden National Conference of the Association
“On behalf of the Executives and Members of the Association I call for support of Government at all levels to give us the necessary support for effective partnership in the development of the Local Government System viz; Inclusion in policymaking in the area of review of the Scheme of Service, establishment of National Secretariat, Provision of Logistic Vehicle to the National Secretariat as well as State Secretariat.”

Dr. Mandu also mentioned  Local government autonomy as one of the many challenges of the present Local Government system in the country“further engage in the development of the Local Government System and maintain an effective local government administration in Nigeria to measure up with what is obtained in the developed countries, this Association (NAHOLGAN) decided to come together with the aim of looking into the challenges facing local government administration in Nigeria with respect to constitutional provision in the area of autonomy as enshrined in the constitution, as well as issue of uniformity in the nomenclature of Administrators in the Local Government system, hence the theme of this conference “

Furthermore, She urged members of the association to be fully involved as an integral part of local government administration activities and ensure that programs and projects are implemented with total adherence to due process with resilience and sustainability thinking.

The National Conference which was primarily organized for the 774 Heads of Local Government Administrators in Nigeria also had in attendance directors from the 7 directorates in the 31 Local Government Councils in Akwa Ibom State.