The Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Local Government Service Commission, Hon. Monday Eyo has reiterated the commission’s commitment to ensuring effective service delivery in the 31 local government administrative council in the state.

He made this known during the opening ceremony of A- 2-day in-house Workshop on the theme “Distinguished Roles of Middle-Level Manpower” for officers in the SDEICS Department in the 31 Local Government Councils.

The commission boss emphasized that skills and capacity development are not only pivotal to productivity but a requisite as one ascends the ladder to the apex in service.

He urged the 62 participants selected across the Local Government Councils to explore the opportunity given them and scoop from the abundant wealth of resources before them.

Similarly, the Director of SDEISC Local Government Service Commission, Mrs. Pricilla Udoh stated that adequate knowledge remains an added advantage when garnering experience in the service. Noting that with the skills and insights from the seminar, officers will be better equipped for excellent services in their various stations and this will help them with managerial roles as they grow in the service.

One of the resource persons, Mrs. Eno Ebuh, expounded extensively on INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP/EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Harping on the need to create, nurture relationships, and respect fellow workers in the workplace.

According to Mrs. Ebuh, workers must master the art of interpersonal communication and communality to coexists in an organization.
She stressed that failure to keep our natural self under check may get in the way of the organization’s success.

Stating that “continuous self-improvement is paramount to intelligence and emotional intelligence happens when we exude empathy in every situation before an action.”

In her second paper titled CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, Mrs. Ebuh noted that feedback is important for communication to be judged successful and that it can be destructive if not constructively delivered.

She furthered that elements of constructive feedback include the giving of compliments, empathy, and motivation, stressing that compliments must precede every feedback. Adding that one needed to be deliberate in mastering emotion triggering elements.

“you have no control over what people say rather, how you react,” she said.

In another lecture, Barr. Udo Udoma Udofia, a retired Deputy Director, Admin/Supply delivered a paper on THE WORKING OF THE CIVIL SERVICE IN SERVICE DELIVERY; ITS ETHICS, RULES, AND REGULATIONS. In his lecture, he highlighted that discipline, monitoring unit, loyalty, honesty, courage, courtesy, co-operation, tact, and industry were the acceptable rules in the service and that one is mandated to act accordingly.

While noting that unauthorized disclosure of sensitive service information was not only prohibited but disrespectful to the oat of secrecy sworn by all upon appointment into the civil service.

He further encouraged officers to commit to studying circulars and relevant handbooks about service efficiency and manuscripts that will help to equip them as they grow in the service.

EFFECTIVE WORKPLACE COMMUNICATION AND EFFECTIVE TEAMWORK IN THE WORKPLACE the last lecture was delivered by Mrs. Ngozichukwu Etuk. She dwelt extensively on the Role of Communication in Improving or Hindering Effective Service in every organization.

Mrs. Etuk said that effective communication is sacrosanct to efficiency and that various communication barriers must be identified and for the success of effective communication at all levels of human interaction.

She noted with dismay the harm, grapevine information has done to organizations and encouraged participants to always scrutinize grapevine details, pointing out that certain factors like level of education, culture, religion, situational factors, language interfere with perception levels hence, defeating the intent of most communication experience.

She urged all to give place to emotional intelligence as it allows us to understand people and situations better, and effective communication is guaranteed.

On teamwork, she averred on openness, togetherness, and deliberate efforts in team building, drawing inference from the goose flight where they all follow the leader before them and take turns to lead the flight whenever the leader gets wearied of leading.

She ended by reminding all that the success of any organization or workplace rests on the shoulders of teamwork, discouraging sideliners as they may remain irrelevant to themselves and the organization.

Subsequently, appeal for more training and training allowances, work tools in the various LGs, and ending of job usurping, was among the suggestions and recommendations contained in the communique delivered at the end of the 2-day workshop.

Responding on behalf of the participants, Mr. Stephen Edet a senior education officer in Nsit Ibom Local Government Council, thanked the leadership of Akwa Ibom State Local Government Service Commission for approving and putting up the workshop, saying that the invaluable knowledge shared has reoriented the participants and emboldened them for efficient and productive service delivery.

He however proposed for more intellectual experience for every worker in the Local Government Service.

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