Should Christians Practice Daily Affirmations?

Should Christians Practice Daily Affirmations?

Are daily affirmations still effective?

Affirmations are a long trend, thanks to the positivity they give when spoken consistently.

As you would already know, saying aloud some phrases that you like can bring those words to the fore, and many have recorded tons of positive results from the practice of affirmations.

Wondering what affirmations are?

Precisely, affirmations are sentences of impactful words stringed together to read like a positive statement, especially for workers and business individuals. 

Additionally, they are intended to sink into the conscious and unconscious mind and stimulate you to attain your full potential in life.”

Can we genuinely trust this practice?

Believe it or not, our thoughts and the narratives we hold influence our lives and results. For example, if you frequently find your mind telling you that you cannot do a specific task or are incapable of some things, you will most likely not do them. 

Creepy? But that is the way things work, and if you deliberately condition your mind to believe in handling specific tasks, you will find yourself excelling in them.

The next question you wish to ask is how can the mind find these positive affirmations and thoughts? Simple, from the words you hear, yes, from the narratives your mind is exposed to.

It might be your friend or loved one telling or what you tell yourself most of the time. If negative thoughts/opinions cause one to stay unproductive, then positive affirmations can give the lifts and empowerment needed to excel.

The more affirmations you recite, the more they become part of your personality, and the universe births those affirmed needs, eventually. 

However, some Christians still think that affirmations might be wrong for Christians to build so much on them, and below are some snares to avoid.

Things to avoid in the practice

There have been arguments that affirmations are unchristianly and that it would be gainful for Christians to keep their trust in God. Why? Because God alone knows what is best for his children.

They have also avered that words of affirmations are acts of greediness or, simply put, dissatisfaction in God’s plan for our lives. As religious as these may sound, calling affirmations sins might be a serious fault. 

  • However, affirmations can be a sin when uttered with vile or evil intent.
  • When they are spoken to negatively impacts our lives.

Apart from the vile and negative impact wrongly uttered affirmations may bring, positive affirmations are indeed beneficial in our world.

From the bible perspective, Romans 4: 17 reminds us to call on those things that be not as they were as though they are already present. This is an act of faith, and affirmation works along with faith. 

As Christians, the gospel admonishes us to always live with faith in God. 

Faith itself has been explained as a firm conviction of something, and again, it says it is impossible to please God without faith.

With this analogy is alright to say that affirmations push the faith out and then bring those things that we continually affirm to the fore.

In fact, Prophet Isaiah encouraged Christians always to make declarations of faith here, “say to them that are fearful of heart, be strong….” Isaiah 35: 4 KJV.

It can be said that he encouraged them to say those words of faith repeatedly because he believed in them. The more they reminded themselves of God’s promised salvation, the saner and bolder they would live.

Affirmations are indeed beneficial in a world so unpredictable, challenging, and unfriendliness in different quarters. But, as we all desire, love seems inadequate for some people, and nothing depresses one like feeling unloved and unappreciated. 

Worst still is when circumstances compel you to look and think lowly of your capabilities, especially in your workplaces.

When all these happen, you are likely to have a therapist recommend a practice of daily affirmations because of the effect it exerts on your subconscious over time. 

Sometimes, you are the help your condition needs, and finding handy affirmations remains a gainful gift.

So, to ensure you still stay within the pages of the Bible, below are some positive biblical scriptures I made affirmations around, and you can also.

  1. I am enough; God is my sufficiency. (2corintians, 3:5)
  2. I am beautiful; God made me wonderfully and fearful ( 139: 14)
  3. I am fearless but bold (Psalms 23: 4)
  4. I am helped by God (Psalms 121: 1)
  5. I am heard by God (Psalms 116: 1)
  6. I am resourceful and can do all things (Philippians 4:13)
  7. The universe favors me always (Romans 8: 28)
  8. The Lord answers me all the time (psalms 138:3)
  9. I will have my heart desires (Psalms 37:4)
  10. I have the Lord always with me (Psalms 46:2)

These are just ten positive affirmations to copy, print, and affix to your work table or dressing table. With this, you will never begin a day without saying them aloud.  

Other benefits of affirmations

  • Increase in positivity. As we mentioned earlier, positive energy is one of the best apparel to wear every day. Because it will keep you sane and stabilized amidst any storm. 
  • Deliberate Improvement in self-esteem. The more you tell yourself that you are unique and beautiful and that you are also great at everything you do, the more you feel good. From feeling good, you perform greatly and that is the help affirmations delight themselves in giving. 
  • Increase in self-confidence. Confidence is one of the keys to unlocking the doors of opportunities in your life. Nothing sucks like self-doubt, it limits and eventually kills enthusiasm and progress and we all dealt with self-doubt at one or more stages in life.
  • Thankfully, we don’t have to entertain self-limiting thoughts anymore when we consistently speak positive words to ourselves and our subconscious. 
  • Controls negative feelings like frustration, impatience, or anger. Positive affirmation conditions the mind and helps you feel in control of every situation. This way, you can manage the urge of tantrums, frettings, panics, and the rest of them and still stay afloat of any negative event.
  • Resiliency. The more positive lines you read aloud and affirm, the more empowered, and unwavering you stay.
  • You are also able to overcome destructive habits, like drug addiction, wastefulness, etc. because of the constant reminder through daily positive affirmations. 

Whether one is a Christian or not, daily affirmations have recorded tons of positive results and are a very skillful way of helping one overcome self-defeats. You can start by copying out the scriptures of the text above and reciting them. More so, keep some track and be sensitive to the changes you will experience in your life.  

Lastly, remember to revisit our page and share the changes you experienced.