The entertainment industry in Akwa-Ibom state is recording laudable transformation and achievements at present.
Recently, the industry has yet again recorded another achievement with the triumphant entry of the prestigious Royal Art Academy, here in the city of Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State’s capital.

The frontline movie academy is the brainchild of one of the most prolific, successful and highly celebrated Nollywood producer, Lady Emem Isong Misodi.

The location of the academy, at Utang lane by Brooks street, Uyo comes across as a ‘perfect learning environment’ that suitably enhances both learning and teaching on the part of students and lecturers as well.

The essentially practical-oriented academy introduces students to five key areas of movie productions, including; Acting, Screen writing, Cinematography and Movie editing, for a three-month certificate programme.

The simple but well conceptualized motto/slogan of the Academy “Birthing future film makers”, posits the academy’s ideologies, vision and mission statements as one determined to rebrand, redefine and revolutionize the critical movie making art in the State and beyond.

The academy, like any other success-driven organization, has its own share of challenges, majorly being the imposition of the lockdown order by the government barely a month into its inception last year which, slowed down developmental strides.

In its one year plus of active existence, this prestigious movie academy has successfully graduated students who are currently exploring and exploiting the exciting movie industry, one of note, being Imaobong Udo, the beautiful brain behind “September 23” a movie celebrating Akwa Ibom State’s creation, in 2020.

The Uyo campus of the academy as reiterated by the manager, David Dem, envisions the academy as an A-list movie making hub, a one-stop destination point globally recognized for everything “movie production”.

It reckons movie production as a viable and profitable entrepreneurial venture and a platform for full exploration and exploitation by all.